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Temari and Shikamaru's fandom [entries|friends|calendar]
Community to rejoice the Shikamaru X Temari love

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Shikamaru x Temari Fans!!! [05 Mar 2018|08:33pm]

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[Fic] One Step Towards a Lifetime [31 May 2014|04:26am]

Ah, I didn't expect to have another fic up so soon, but after that latest bit of ShikaTema that was given to us in ch.678, my muse was so giddy she was unexpectedly generous. :)

Title: One Step Towards a Lifetime
Pairing: Shikamaru/Temari
Rating/Status: PG / 380 words, complete
Warning: Spoilers for ch.678
Summary: A second in Tsukuyomi can last days, and minutes a lifetime. Shikamaru has lived it all, and he remembers too clearly, her presence. Reaction fic to Shikamaru's portion of the dreams in ch.678.

Links at: fanfiction.net | AO3
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[Fic] Steady Against the Tide [28 May 2014|04:39am]

Hi all! I don't know if there's still anyone out there viewing this community, but here's me breathing a bit of life into ShikaTema (still my Naruto OTP after all this time).

Title: Steady Against the Tide
Pairing: Shikamaru/Temari
Rating/Status: PG-13 / 490 words, complete
Warning: Spoilers for ch.616
Summary: In the aftermath of war, Temari stands beside him, steady. And Shikamaru finally understands.

Links at: fanfiction.net | AO3
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lonely [26 Sep 2013|04:55pm]


fic: LonelyCollapse )

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Sale - ShikaxTema doujinshi! [14 Sep 2012|07:14pm]


I hope I'm doing this right, It's been a while since I last used LJ!

I'm clearing out space at uni and found a stack of doujinshi, they're all in very good condition!

I'm selling them over at my tumblr here, if anyone is interested~

In the post I said to get in touch through tumblr or my email, but feel free to post or message me on here too!

Thank you for your time <3 Apologies for bothering you all! :3

(x-posted to Chuunin)

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ShikaTema Fans!!! [22 Aug 2012|02:30pm]

For the fans!!!

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Fanmix - "Kiss Me At The Gate [16 May 2012|11:37am]


Thought I'd just share this mix I made a little while ago!

10 tracks. Lyrics and download can be found @ my blog!
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[Mini-Fic] Nara Men [29 Mar 2012|04:55am]


Hiya, just sharing a quick ShikaTema fic. Comments always greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

Title: Nara Men
Characters: Nara Yoshino, Shikamaru/Temari
Rating/Status: G / 207 words, complete
Summary: This day may have arrived sooner than she originally thought, but Yoshino couldn't have said she was all that surprised.

Links at: fanfiction.net | AO3 | my writing journal on Dreamwidth

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